Building a safe workplace begins with a well-trained workforce.

Empower your team with training resources that are convenient, easy to use and easy to track.

TEAM Learning Suite

TEAM Learning Suite is an online learning platform where safety-conscious employers and organizations can find the right tools to train and develop leaders and employees into a trustworthy, dependable team.

Our courses will help you stay compliant with federal and industry regulations, but more importantly, will ensure your workers can protect themselves and perform their duties with confidence.

Pave a way for learning and leadership.

The TEAM Learning Suite gives employees access to training courses from anywhere they can use a smartphone. Employees can complete self-paced courses on their schedule.

Supervisors can monitor employee progress and quickly identify employees who need to complete required training.

Safety never happens by accident.

Training and education are essential to a safe working environment. Give your employees the resources they need to prevent accidents before they happen.

Streamline your training process to spend less time on administration and more time on the habits and behaviors that promote workplace safety.


"TEAM is a great company to work with. Everyone is so quick to return calls and emails and help out with any issues or questions I have."

The power of a TEAM.

Empower your workforce with training that works with their schedules. Equip your workforce with the information they need to work safely.